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FINALLY!!! A new update. It took me like forever. Sorry about that. I was gone for 2 weeks for the Olympics and sight-seeing. Whistler was my favourite place to vist. Such gorgeous scenery. Anyway, while I was away, I had submitted 3 of my clubs to be converted into groups. When I got back, I took a bit of a break and then I delved into updating my 3 newly crowned groups. It took me awhile to learn all the new features of this group platform. This group is mostly finished being updated now with just a few tweaks left and I am still working on my other 2 groups. I was able to get some previous members back but there are some I am still waiting to here from. I am still going to keep an old member's list and I will only kick out people who haven't updated their dA accounts since 2007. I assume that they have either left dA or let their dA accounts die. I am also going to be updating the rules of the club and be moving that to the "About Us" section. I will updated once all that is done. I have also re-organized the gallery into different folders. Hopefully, it will make it easier to find specific artwork that you are looking for. All artwork are still in the "Featured" folder and from there, I have split them up into different folders. I also hope that everyone likes the new layout of the homepage. Please send me your feedback on whether you like things they way they are now or is there anything that you would like to see changed. Lastly, I will be working on a new avatar/icon for the group but I do not know on when I will be able to complete that project.

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May 2, 2010


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